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  タイトル (原題/邦題) 出演者/監督 (半角英語) カテゴリー リージョン・コード
2 (EUR-PAL) 指定せず
Fast & Furious: 8-Movie Collection
ワイルド・スピード / ワイルド・スピードX2 / ワイルド・スピードX3 TOKYO DRIFT / ワイルド・スピード MAX / ワイルド・スピード MEGA MAX / ワイルド・スピード EURO MISSION / ワイルド・スピード SKY MISSION / ワイルド・スピード ICE BREAK

定 価   $55.98    
特 価   $44.78 / ¥7,121   (20% Off)
映像仕様  LBX16x9 Enhanced   カテゴリー  Action/Adventure
音声仕様    Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround ( English )
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround ( Spanish )
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround ( French )
  制 作    Universal
画面比率    2.40:1   Disc枚数    9枚
THX    No   発売日    2017/07/11
CC    Yes   制作国    USA
字 幕    English, Spanish, French   映像信号    NTSC
時 間    1366分   ID#    ACT125740
出 演    Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Tyrese Gibson, Cole Hauser, Michelle Rodriguez, Eva Mendes, Ludacris, Devon Aoki, Lucas Black, Bow Wow, Nikki Griffin, Zachery Ty Bryan, Dwayne Johnson, Jordana Brewster, Gina Carano, Jason Statham, Kurt Russell, Charlize Theron
監 督    Rob Cohen, John Singleton, Justin Lin
  Disc 1: "The Fast And The Furious" (2001, ワイルド・スピード):
The Making Of The Fast And The Furious
Feature Commentary With Director Rob Cohen
Racer X: The Artiicle That Inspired The Movie
Deleted Scenes
Multiple Camera Angle - Stunt Sequence
Movie Magic Interactive - Special Effects
Featurette On Editing For The Motion Picture Association Of America
Visual Effects Montage
Storyboards-To-Final Feature Comparison
Ja Rule "Furious" Music Video
Caddillac Tah "POV City Anthem" Music Video
Saliva "Click Click Boom" Music Video
Music Highlights
Production Notes
Cast And Filmmakers
DVD-Rom Features
DVD Newsletter
The Fast And The Furious Special Offers

Disc 2: "2 Fast 2 Furious" (2002, ワイルド・スピードX2):
Choose Your Ride - Themed Menus
Spyder Exclusives - Spotlight On Tyrese Gibson
Spyder Exclusives - The Spyder
Spyder Exclusives - Driving School With Tyrese
Evo VII Exclusives - Spotlight On Paul Walker
Evo VII Exclusives - Mitsubishi Spot
Evo VII Exclusives - The Evo Vii
Evo VII Exclusives - Driving School With Paul
S2000 Exclusives - Spotlight On Devon Aoki
S2000 Exclusives - The S2000
S2000 Exclusives - Driving School With Devon
Inside 2 Fast 2 Furious
Feature Commentary With Director John Singleton
Deleted Scenes
Tricking Out A Hot Import Car
Supercharge Stunts
Making Music With Ludacris
Animated Anecdotes
Cast And Filmmakers
DVD-Rom Feature - Key To Unlock A New Car

Disc 3: "The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift" (2006, ワイルド・スピードX3 Tokyo Drift):
Deleted Scenes With Optional Commentary By Diretor Justin Lin
Drifting School
Cast Cam
The Big Breakdown: Han's Last Ride
Tricked Out To Drift
The Real Drift King
The Japanese Way
Don Omar "Conteo" Music Video
Feature Commentary With Director Justin Lin

Disc 4: "Fast And Furious" (2009, ワイルド・スピード Max):
Gag Reel
Feature Commentary With Director Justin Lin

Disc 5: "Fast Five" (2011, ワイルド・スピード Mega Max):
Deleted Scenes
Gag Reel
Dom's Journey
Brian O'conner: From Fed To Con
Enter Federal Agent Hobbs
Feature Commentary With Director Justin Lin (Extended Version Only)

Disc 6: "Fast & Furious 6" (2013, ワイルド・スピード Euro Mission):
Deleted Scenes
The Making Of Fast & Furious 6: The Fastest Of Them All
The Making Of Fast & Furious 6: Reuniting The Team
The Making Of Fast & Furious 6: Letty’s Return
The Making Of Fast & Furious 6: The Mastermind And The Mole
On The Set With Vin
Feature Commentary With Director Justin Lin

Disc 7: "Furious 7" (2015, ワイルド・スピード Sky Mission):
Back To The Starting Line
Snatch And Grab
Race Wars
Making Of Fast & Furious Supercharged Ride

Disc 8: "The Fate Of The Furious" (2017, ワイルド・スピード ICE BREAK):
All About The Stunts
Extended Fight Scenes
Feature Commentary With Director F. Gary Gray

Disc 9:
Fast Cars!
Back Under The Hood
Mapping Fast & Furious
International TV Special
Justin Lin - Director's Vault
A Home In Ruins
From Pre-Viz To Final
Shooting In Abu Dhabi
Jeff Imada: Up Close And Personal
Cast Favorites
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