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  タイトル (原題/邦題) 出演者/監督 (半角英語) カテゴリー リージョン・コード
2 (EUR-PAL) 指定せず
Young Winston: Indicator Series: Limited Edition (Blu-ray-UK)
戦争と冒険 (1972)

定 価   $34.18    
特 価   $30.76 / ¥3,353   (10% Off)
映像仕様  LBX16x9 Enhanced   カテゴリー  Action/Adventure
音声仕様    PCM Mono ( English )
  制 作    Powerhouse Films
画面比率    2.35:1   Disc枚数    1枚
THX    No   発売日    2019/10/29
CC    No   制作国    UK
字 幕    English   映像信号    HD
時 間    157分   ID#    ACT138961
出 演    Robert Shaw, Anne Bancroft, Simon Ward, Anthony Hopkins, John Mills, Jack Hawkins, Patrick Magee, Edward Woodward, Jane Seymour, Ian Holm
監 督    Richard Attenborough
  High Definition Remaster
Original Mono Audio
"The John Player Lecture With Richard Attenborough" (1971, 78 Mins): The Celebrated Filmmaker In Conversation With Film Critic Dilys Powell At London’s National Film Theatre
"Reflections Of A Director" (2006, 13 Mins): Archival Interview With Attenborough
"A National Hero Brought To Life" (2006, 17 Mins): Archival Interview With Actor Simon Ward On His Performance As Winston Churchill
"Camel Blues" (2019, 30 Mins): Assistant Director William P Cartlidge Remembers Working With Attenborough And Writer-Producer Carl Foreman
"Stars And Sand" (2019, 9 Mins): Second Assistant Director Brian Cook Discusses The Star-Studded Cast
"My Kingdom For A Horse" (2019, 11 Mins): Vic Armstrong Recalls His Work As Ward’s Stunt Double And His Role As Horse Wrangler For The Film
"Fires In The Sky" (2019, 6 Mins): Special Effects Artist John Richardson On The Challenges Of Filming In Wales, Morocco, And Blenheim Palace
"Making It Up" (2019, 3 Mins): Interview With Make-Up Artist Robin Grantham
Deleted Scenes (7 Mins): Five Scenes From The ‘Roadshow’ Version, Including The Alternative Ending With Winston And Randolph Churchill
"US Premiere Footage" (1972, 16 Mins, Mute): Rare And Unseen Material Featuring Attenborough, Foreman, Ward, Robert Shaw, Edward G Robinson, And Others
Original Theatrical Trailer
Image Galleries: Publicity And Promotional Material
New And Improved English Subtitles For The Deaf And Hard-Of-Hearing
Limited Edition Exclusive 36-Page Booklet With A New Essay By Sergio Angelini, The Cast And Crew On The Making Of "Young Winston", An Extract From Winston Churchill’s "A Roving Commission: My Early Life", An Overview Of Contemporary Critical Responses, And Film Credits
World Premiere On Blu-ray
Limited Edition Of 3,000 Copies
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