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  タイトル (原題/邦題) 出演者/監督 (半角英語) カテゴリー リージョン・コード
2 (EUR-PAL) 指定せず
The Cary Grant Signature Collection
独身者と女学生 / ウチの亭主と夢の宿 / ママのご帰還 / 夜も昼も / Tokyo Destination (1947)

定 価   $49.92    
特 価   $39.94 / ¥4,433   (20% Off)
映像仕様  4:3   カテゴリー  Box set
音声仕様    Dolby Digital Mono ( English )
  制 作    Warner
画面比率    1.33:1   Disc枚数    5枚
THX    No   発売日    2004/06/01
CC    No   制作国    USA
字 幕    English, Spanish, French   映像信号    NTSC
時 間    540分   ID#    BOX23113
出 演    Cary Grant, Eve Arden, Dane Clark, Ray Collins, Harry Davenport, Melvyn Douglas, John Garfield, Alan Hale, Myrna Loy, Mary Martin, Gail Patrick, Carlos Ramirez
監 督    Michael Curtiz, Delmer Daves, Garson Kanin, H.C. Potter, Irving Reis
  "The Bachelor & The Bobby Soxer" (1947, 独身者と女学生):
June 13, 1949 Lux Radio Theater Radio Production Starring Cary Grant and Temple
Cartoon Little Tinker
Cary Grant Trailer Gallery

"Tokyo Destination" (1947):
Wartime Short Gem of the Ocean
Cary Grant Trailer Gallery

"Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House" (1948, ウチの亭主と夢の宿):
2 Radio Productions: The October 10, 1949 Lux Radio Theater Broadcast Starring Grant and Irene Dunne and The June 9, 1950 Screen Directors Playhouse Broadcast Starring Grant and Betsy Drake
Cartoon The House of Tomorrow
Cary Grant Trailer Gallery

"My Favorite Wife" (1940, ママのご帰還):
Vintage Robert Benchley
Short Home Movies
December 7, 1950 Screen Director's Playhouse Radio Production Starring Cary Grant and Dunne

"Night And Day" (1940, 夜も昼も):
Vintage Shorts Desi Arnaz and His Orchestra and Musical Movieland
Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd in the Classic Looney Tunes Cartoon The Big Snooze
Cole Porter Musicals Trailer Gallery
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