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  タイトル (原題/邦題) 出演者/監督 (半角英語) カテゴリー リージョン・コード
2 (EUR-PAL) 指定せず
Love & Death: The Films Of Jorg Buttgereit (Blu-ray-UK): Nekromantik / Der Todesking / Nekromantik 2 / Schramm
ネクロマンティック / 死の王 / ネクロマンティック2 / シュラム 死の快楽

定 価   $91.18    
特 価   $91.18 / ¥9,756  
映像仕様  4:3   カテゴリー  Foreign
音声仕様    PCM(16 Bit Stereo) ( German )
PCM Mono ( German )
  制 作    Arrow Film
画面比率    1.37:1   Disc枚数    4枚
THX    No   発売日    2020/10/13
CC    No   制作国    German
字 幕    English   映像信号    HD
時 間    317分   ID#    FOR143103
出 演    Daktari Lorenz, Harald Lundt, Nicolas Petche, Hermann Kopp, Mark Reeder, Monika M, Florian Koerner Von Gustorf
監 督    Jorg Buttgereit
  "Nekromantik" (1987, ネクロマンティック)
"Der Todesking" (1990, 死の王)
"Nekromantik 2" (1991, ネクロマンティック2)
"Schramm" (1993, シュラム 死の快楽)

High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) Presentation Of Four Films By Jorg Buttgereit: "Nekromantik", "Der Todesking", "Nekromantik 2" And "Schramm"
Uncompressed PCM Stereo 2.0 Audio For All Films
Optional English Subtitles
Special Edition Packaging Featuring New Artwork By Gilles Vranckx And Reversible Sleeves Featuring Artwork By Godmachine And Vranckx

Disc One: "Nekromantik" (1987, ネクロマンティック):
Two Buttgereit Shorts: "Hot Love" (1985) And "J.B.'s Horror Heaven" (1984)
Audio Commentary
Alternative Grindhouse Version Of "Nekromantik"
"In Conversation With The Death King"
"Morbid Fascination: The Nekromantik Legacy"
Q&A With Buttgereit
The Making Of "Nekromantik"
"Das Letzte" Featurette From The Premiere Of "Hot Love"
Two Buttgereit Music Videos: "I Can't Let Go By Shock Therapy" (1995) And "Lemmy I'm A Feminist By Half Girl" (2013)
Complete Collection Of Buttgereit Film Trailers
Image Gallery Including Rare German-Language "Nekromantik" Comic By Berlin Artist Fil

Disc Two: "Der Todesking" (1990, 死の王):
Audio Commentary
From Bundy To Lautreamont Buttgereit In Conversation With Graham Rae
Todesmusik Composer Hermann Kopp On His Collaborations With Buttgereit
Skeleton Under The Skin Todesking Tattoo Culture
The Making Of "Der Todesking"
Eating The Corpse Footage From The Original Premiere
The Letter English-Language Chain Letter Insert Used For The Original UK VHS Release
Corpse Fucking Art Documentary
Two Shorts By Jelinski: "Die Reise Ins Licht" (1972) And "Geliebter Wahnsinn" (1973)
"Der Gollob" (1983) Buttgereit Short

Disc Three: "Nekromantik 2" (1991, ネクロマンティック2):
Audio Commentary
"Masters Of Life And Death" Documentary
"City Of The Loving Dead" Walking Tour Of The Berlin Locations
"Necropolis: Buttgereit's Berlin" Dr. Marcus Stiglegger On The Significance Of Berlin As The Backdrop
The Making Of "Nekromantik 2"
"Nekro Waltz": The Music Of "Nekromantik 2" Reeder Discusses His Work On The Film's Score "Nekromantik 2 Livekonzert" Footage From The 20th Anniversary Concert
The Complete 20-Track Audio Recording Of The Concert [BD-ROM Content]
Two Buttgereit Shorts: "Blutige Exzesse Im Fuhrerbunker" (1982) And "A Moment Of Silence At The Grave Of Ed Gein" (2012)
Two Buttgereit Music Videos: "Rise Up By Die Krupps" (1997), And "Die Frau In Der Musik By Stereo Total" (2007)

Disc Four: "Schramm" (1993, シュラム 死の快楽):
Audio Commentary
The Making Of "Schramm"
"Tomorrow I Will Be Dirt" (2019, 8 Mins) Animated Short Sequel To "Schramm"
"Making Tomorrow I Will Be Dirt"
"Tomorrow I Will Be Dirt" Premiere Featurette
"Schramm: Redux Option To Watch Schramm And Tomorrow I Will Be Dirt" As A Continuous Feature
"Take My Body: The Journey Of A Blow-Up Doll" Kier-La Janisse On The Story Behind One Of Schramm's Most Memorable Props
"Buttgereit: Into The Mind Of A Cult Filmmaker"
"Mein Papi" (1981-95, 8 Mins) Buttgereit Short
"Jesus Der Film" (1986, 1 Min) Buttgereit Short
Two Jelinski Shorts: "Orpheus In Der Oberwelt" (1970) And "Ein Ku Ze Film Ube Hamburg" (1990)
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