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  タイトル (原題/邦題) 出演者/監督 (半角英語) カテゴリー リージョン・コード
2 (EUR-PAL) 指定せず
Dukes Of Hazzard: The Complete 1st-5th Seasons

廃盤 <新品・中古盤リクエスト>
定 価   $187.40    
映像仕様  4:3   カテゴリー  TVClassics
音声仕様    Dolby Digital Stereo ( English )
  制 作    Warner
画面比率    1.33:1   Disc枚数    20枚
THX    No   発売日    2005/12/13
CC    Yes   制作国    USA
字 幕    English, Spanish, French   映像信号    NTSC
時 間    4110分   ID#    TVC36365
出 演    Catherine Bach, John Schneider, Tom Wopat, James Best, Sorrell Booke, Ben Jones, Denver Pyle
監 督   
  The Complete First Season
The 20th Anniversary Hazzard County Barbeque documentary including John Schneider and Catherine Bach
Dukes Driving 101: A High Octane Salute featurette including interviews with professional race car drivers featuring Matt Kenseth (2003 Nascar champion) and Rusty Wallace among others
The Dukes Of Hazzard: The Return Of The General Lee Video Game Trailer

The Complete Second Season
Extreme Hazzard: Documentary gallery covering the 25th-anniversary festival of The Dukes Of Hazzard in Tennessee and featuring series stars and stunt drivers along with Dukes fans from around the world
John Schneider and Tom Wopat screen tests

The Complete Third Season
A Special Welcome: Season introduction by Tom Wopat, John Schneider and Catherine Bach
DukesVision On-Camera commentary on Episode 4 And In This Corner, Luke Duke by Cast Members
Bo, Luke and Daisy: Just Good OIe Friends: The Stars Reminisce
Dukes Family Tree with Series Creator Gy Waldron

The Complete Fourth Season
Commentary on Episode #2 Double Dukes by Tom Wopat, John Schneider and Catherine Bach
The Dukes Story: Building The Legend: Cast and Crew Take an inside look at the ingredients that made the show a smash

The Complete Fifth Season
Hazzard County Stunt Team: Reunited and in Your Face!: The original stunt team pays homage to the man behind the General Lee - original Stunt Coordinator/Producer/Director Paul Baxley
Cooter's Place: Keeping the Dream Alive - Visit Ben Jone's Shrine to All Things Hazzard
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